Community Involvement

WACS continuously cares for its community

WACS has adopted the paperless office initiative to minimize the consumption of paper. Email signatures remind recipients to go paperless and all paper waste from WACS offices is recycled. Departments were encouraged and supported by the IT to have tailored electronic systems replace their paper routines. Since 2008.

MEDICAL DONATIONS: WACS has committed part of its profits to create a better future in our communities. We work to understand the communities' needs and participate in developing lasting solutions.

In 2019, Purchased and delivered to Alexandria University Hospital, Oncology department Mammomat fusion device.

In 2018, Funded the preparation of the 1st full women's health care unit at Alexandria University Hospital, Oncology department.

In 2016, Funded to 57357 Children’s Cancer hospital, Tanta Branch a full Day care room

In 2015, Supplied to another University Hospital a catheter diagnostic and therapeutic, system and its disposable accessories.

In 2014, Purchased and delivered to a University Hospital 3 of the most recent equipment in the Cardiology Field, together with their 1-year supply.

In 2013, Purchased and delivered to a tumor care center in Alexandria an automated blood chemistry test device.