WACS History

Worms Alexandria Cargo Services has been in the shipping business, since 1980, as a joint-stock private company. Our unique heritage shapes the way we do business today, in the sense that for years the founders were bonded by a gentlemen’s agreement among themselves and their foreign partner. The six distinguished navy officers founded WACS on a solid ground of trust that lasted to present day.

We operated under the management of Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak (Chairman) & Admiral Saad Ragab (Vice Chairman) for more than 20 years. At this point, shipping agencies only acted on protecting agent basis while full shipping agency was monopolized by the public sector.

In 1998, WACS obtained the private shipping license enabling us to act as a full shipping agent, in all Egyptian ports, running offices inside and outside ports, round the clock coinciding with international standards. Serving our vessels thus our clients high quality maritime services. We comprised of 97 employees with almost 50% present in our port offices.

Our strong local relations and experienced monitoring facilitated our new market frame. We succeeded by creating top performing teams to expand our shipping agency activities to regional networks in Syria, Libya, Yemen and other Arabian Countries.

In 2000, the gentlemen’s agreement was transferred into a formal legal writing by making the French partner MaritimesWorms Services a 50% shareholder of WACS capital. We then, operated under the new management of Dr. Ahmed Saad Ragab (Chairman & C.E.O) and Eng. Marwan el Sammak (General Manager).

By continuously reading new trends of growth and considering our major asset, the human resources; we gained greater scale by expanding our group companies, reshaping a better future. In 2001, Medlevant Shipping agency was launched under the group expanding our investments in new developments. Created the agency to serve the German shipping line Hapag Lloyd (one of the top five shipping lines in the world). Its persistence to excel; positioned Medlevant as one of the leading shipping agencies, in Egypt, with dedicated staff all over the country. Hence, appointing Capt. Said Hammouda General Manager for WACS and Eng. Marwan El Sammak General Manager for Medlevant.

In 2006, International Logistics Partners Egypt (ILP Egypt) was also established to meet the rising demand for logistics solutions. Dedicated to reach the best market price for our customers through the extensive research and worldwide relations. ILP Egypt is the smallest member of the group though one of the strongest pillars that distinguishes our group in the market.

In 2018, proceeding the merge of Hapag-Lloyd & UASC, Hapag-Lloyd Egypt was established leaving Medlevant Shipping serving Hapag-Lloyd with regards to the transit vessels. During the same year, ILP Egypt company ownership was transferred to Ragab family, with Dr. Ahmed Saad Ragab CEO of the 3 entities.

To present day, Dr. Ahmed Saad Ragab remains WACS Group chairman & C.E.O and Mr. Hugues Daban is General Manager for WACS and Eng. Marwan El Sammak is General Manager for Medlevant.

Our group offers a set of diverse and integrated services enriching our customers’ shipping needs. Our group staff consists of the finest employees, bonded by our healthy working environment, targeted to best serve our customers. 50% of our staff are still geographically dispersed in our port offices.

We are proud of our strong rooted history that is characterized by our rich environment of trust, mutual respect and healthy cooperation that lasted for more than three decades. Our combination of decades of expertise allows us to move into the future swiftly and smoothly.