Our People – Our Strength

Our dedication to excellence is strengthened by our employees' development system, planned to attract, engage and maintain the best candidates in our company. Iternal and external practices are employed to reach the highest standard of knowledge development while highly utilizing our company resources.

Internal Employee Development consists of:
-The right culture present in the company generated smooth and frequent sharing knowledge sessions among our employees. Their habit and willingness to share attracted high audience to their knowledge sources and triggered more knowledge sharers.
-Internal training circles are formed from groups of employees to enhance second language skills through e-learning techniques to maintain the language level across the company.
-Soft skill workshops are continuously provided to employees to maintain their overall day to day productivity to global standards.
-We engage in employee job rotations to broaden their skills and to be a key motivator to them, guaranteeing greater customer satisfaction.

External Employee Development consists of:
-Inviting all employees to Workshop retreats such as team building, instructed by professional instructors, exposing the company to the latest training trends in the market.
-Employees travel abroad for training purposes under our principals’ instructions, eager to stand out from our global competitors.
-As members of professional organizations in our field, employees actively participate in committees such as custom’s, agency’s, multimodal transportation committees. Encouraged and supported to lobby and discuss major industry concerns with government officials and responsible personnel.
-To ensure our global existence, employees participate in worldwide industry fairs and exhibitions to renew their connection circles and update their contact database.